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* Please note MLMpublicity.com on the images does not appear on our "real" page.

How Do We Generate the Leads?
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Great for these Companies:

4 Life Research
Advantage Nutraceuticals
Advocare, Inc.
Alive International, Inc.
All That's Natural II, Inc.
American Dream Nutrition
American Longevity
Amway, Inc.
Arbonne International
Assured Nutrition Plus
Awareness Corporation
Beauty Control
Big Planet
Bimini Essentials
Bio-Metics International, Inc.
Body Alive International, INC.
Body Extreme
Body Wise International
Brain Garden
Cell Tech International, Inc.
Cellcore International, Inc
Changes International, Inc.
Coral Connection
Dynamic Essentials, Inc
Enrich International
Entre Net Nutrition, Inc
Envion's Wellness Shop
Essentially Yours Industries
First Fitness International
Forever Living Products International Inc.
For Mor International, Inc.
Freelife, Inc
Global Health Trax
Hawaii Herbaltech Corporation
Health Dynamics
Herbalife International of America
In-Health America, LLC
Integris International, LLC
Legacy for Life USA
Le Naturel International, Inc
Life Force International
Life Plus
Life Science Technology
Life Styles USA
Life Tek Corporation
Longevity Network
Luxelle International, Inc.
Lyc International
Matol Botanical International
Maxxis 2000
Momentum Health & Nutrition
Monarch Health Sciences
Natural Bodylines
Natural Connections, Inc.
Nature's Own
Nature's Sunshine Products
Nature's RX
Nature's Very Best
New Image International
New Vision International
Neways International, Inc
Nikken, Inc.
NSA (National Safety Associates)
Nu Botanic International
Nucare International
Nutribotics.com, Inc.
Nutri-Metics International
Nutrican Nutritionals LTD
Oasis Wellness Network
Omnitrition International, Inc.
One Family
Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc
Quest IV Health Products, Inc.
Quixtar US
Reliv International, Inc
Right Solution, The
Royal Bodycare
Royal Limu
Scimedica, Inc.
Sea Silver
Sunrider International
Synergy Worldwide
Vision For Life International
Vitality Life Choice
Watkins, Inc.
Wellness International Network LTD
Zone Skin Care, Inc.

...and many more!

Exclusive MLM Leads

Leads are Generated from This Capture Page
* Please note MLMpublicity.com on the images
does not appear on our "real" page.

Here is what you will receive on each lead.

Mary Jones


Best Time to Call:


Monthly Amont I spend on nutritional products?
ANSWER: $30 - $50 per month

I take nutritional products mainly for this reason?
ANSWER: To Maintain a Healthy Body

Monthly Amount I would Like to Earn?
ANSWER: $1,000 - $2,500 per month

I can spend this amount on the right business?
ANSWER: $250 - $500

I can work this many hours per week on my business?
ANSWER: 5-10 hours per week

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We are offering a Special Discount for this Inaugural Co-op. Get as many leads as you can now because our prices will be going up.

As you can tell from our lead capture page, we will be delivering extremely qualified prospects, ready to look at a home-based business in the Health and Wellness industry. These are the most targeted MLM leads available.

  • Available to distributors of ALL Health/Wellness companies.
  • Exclusive to YOU - leads only sold once to you
  • Delivered to your email in real-time
  • Survey questions include nutritional product spending habits
  • Bad leads (wrong phone & email) replaced free of charge
  • Substantial discounts for volume - get your entire group on these leads

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Health/Wellness Leads FAQ

What makes them Health/Wellness leads?
If you view the lead capture page, then it is fairly obvious that the copy and graphics are clearly outlining the wellness industry and how one can make money selling the products. Additionally, there are several questions on the form that inquire about their nutritional product spending habits.

How do you generate the leads?
We drive traffic to the lead capture page a number of ways but primarily through a combination of email marketing (in-house opt-in database) and banners/pop-ups on network websites.You can view the PDF document to the left for a more detailed view.

How are my leads delivered?
Your leads are delivered to your email address within seconds of the prospect clicking "submit".

How many people receive this same lead?
One. This lead is yours exclusively and will not be sold to anyone else, ever.

What did they fill out and what information do I receive on them?
See lead capture page above and see for yourself. We are one of the rare companies that actually show you exactly how we do it.

What about "bad" leads?
If a lead that is delivered to you contains a bad email address AND a bad phone number, return it to us within 3 days of receiving it and we will issue you a credit for a new lead.

Do I have an account where I can dowloand my leads and check my accounts activity?
YES! We give you access to your own control panel where you can check how many leads you've received, how many you have left, and download the leads in csv format.

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