Market Research

In depth market research from can let you know where the opportunities lie.

From competition analysis to price sensitivity, out market research will give you the details you need to succeed.

Call us for a quote on your next market research project. offers market research in all industries. Whether you are looking to expand into new markets, or simply want to check the competition, we can help.

Each market research project is quoted on a per project basis. Please call us for a proposal on your next market research project.

Our market research consists of the following aspects:

Define Market Research Objectives:

  • New product/service concept testing, evaluation and market potential assessment
  • Product/service refinement testing, evaluation and market potential assessment
  • Target market identification and evaluation
  • Distribution channel new product/service receptivity, price sensitivity and sales potential

Market Research Process:

Define Clear Objectives
At, we begin each market research project with an in-depth discussion of your goals and expectations. This stage of the process is crucial to the end result. We will assist you in developing a clear objective so the data we gather is instrumental to your marketing objectives.

Create Detailed Survey
After we develop a clear objective, the next step is to create the questions necessary to acquire the correct data. Questions can be multiple choice, open-ended, and ranking scale type (1-10).

Develop Survey Prospect List
Once the first two stages of the market research process are completed, its time to develop a list of who needs to be surveyed. Is it the end consumer, the distributor, or the someone else? We will help you identify the correct person that will know the information you are looking for and develop a custom list of leads that will be contacted for the Pilot and Research Surveys.

Perform Pilot Survey
A pilot survey will help us determine if we are meeting your objectives. It will also help us develop the full research project. Re-analyze Survey During this stage we will take what we learned from the pilot survey and modify the survey to have easier access to data. Typical changes include changing an open-ended question into a multiple-choice selection, and narrowing demographics.

Perform Market Research
This stage is where everything comes together and the full market research is performed. Our quote will include a guaranteed number of completed interviews from which we will compile the research report.

Compile and Analyze Data
After the surveys have been completed, we will compile all of the respondentsí answers into a spreadsheet that will reveal their exact answers to the questions asked. This detailed spreadsheet will offer deep insight into the thoughts of your potential customers. It is this spreadsheet information we will use to conduct your final report.

Provide Full Market Research Report
The final report will consist of much more than just a compilation of the surveys. will go the extra mile and perform research on your industry and use this information, combined with the survey results, to provide you with a full research report and recommended actions.


  • Telephone Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Web Surveys
  • Mail Surveys
  • Email Surveys

Call us for a quote on your next market research project.


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