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  • Replicated Website - our design or yours
  • Lead Capture Pages - our design or yours
  • Email Templates - over 30 "work from home" to choose from
  • Autoresponders
  • Share ALL content with other members
  • Real-time leads,
  • Affiliate program and much more!
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  • Replicated website
  • Lead Capture pages
  • Email Templates
  • Autoresponders,
  • Integrated Real-time leads,
  • All customized for your opportunity.

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"It's a relief to finally find a leads company that actually delivers what it promises. I've worked with numerous lead generation companies and feel that MLMpublicity offers the best leads available."

Keith Francis - Fruta Vida Distributor

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How to Choose a Lead Generation Company - April 2003

How to Work a Lead - May 2003

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Company Specific Lead Testimonials:

I just wanted to tell you that these leads are fantastic! I've signed up 4 people out of my 25, and I haven't spoken with the last 3 yet. I've only been doing this business for about a month, and before these leads I had only sponsored friends and family. I will be re-ordering. Thank you.
Sincerely, Phillip Zimmerman

I'm very happy with your lead quality, I signed up 4 of my last 25 in the first week. - Jack Howell

"I've already signed up 2 out of the 25 and really just started working the last 5 or 6 leads. I also have a couple tire kickers. They are really great leads!!" - Martin Kroah

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for these leads!!!! I have been doing this business for 3 1/2 weeks and haven't closed anyone. In two hours one morning last week I called 5 people and closed 3, with one of them at the top level and one upgrading as soon as she can. In addition, I have a 4th person who seems very interested. I cannot tell you how thrilling this is for someone that has never closed anyone. I plan on using these leads on a regular basis. Thank you for having leads that are such quality that even us novices can have a chance at this wonderful business." - J.S.

"Your leads were the most responsive that I have ever bought especially when they are business/product specific. For example, when calling the leads (those I could contact) all had knowledge of Fruta Vida, and wanted additional information about the product. Very nice to finally speak to somone that actually had an interest in my product. I must commend you on your leads. They have to be the best I've had and I have purchased over 175,000 leads." - Janice Willingham




Exclusive MLM Lead Generation

Custom MLM Lead Generation for YOUR Group/Company:

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How Do We Generate Your Custom Leads?
PDF File (829kb)

From concept to custom leads in as little as 2 weeks!

  • Custom Capture Page promoting YOUR Specific Offer and Benefits
  • Exclusive to YOU - leads only sold once to your group
  • Delivered to your email in real-time for immediate follow-up
  • Survey questions customized for your opportunity
  • Bad leads (disconnected phone/out of country) replaced free of charge

Quit wasting your money on un-targeted leads!

Let me illustrate: Imagine you own a brick and mortar shoe store in a major mall - let's call this the home-based business mall. There are literally thousands of people walking by your business every day - these are the people looking for a home-based business (after all, they got into their cars and drove to this mall, specifically to shop). Would you stand outside of your store, begging them to come inside and look at your store, or would you focus your attention on the people that are coming into the store on their own will? The latter, of course. These are people interested in your specific offer. This is much the same when purchasing leads. Wouldn't you rather call a person that you know has an interest in the basics of your program, rather than wasting time on people that are looking for something different in the first place?

That's why you and your group need a custom, company/opportunity specific lead generation page.

Custom Developed MLM Leads

We can get the entire process set up, rotate the leads for your group, and have them delivered in real-time for immediate follow-up! This is true duplication.

How it works:

Step 1 - Determine Lead Requirements
We work with you to develop the questions you would like for your custom survey to say. Only leads that fill out the proper information, thus qualifying them, are sent to your group as live leads.

Step 2 - Develop Custom Capture Page
We work with you and your team to develop a lead capture page with a powerful message and enticing graphics. This is where we tell the prospects about your specific opportunity and they respond seeking more information.

Step 3 - Create Team Co-op Page
We create and host a co-op page for your group. This will have all of the details about the co-op, including a preview of the data capture page and pricing/ordering details. All you have to do is promote it to your upline/downline/crossline distributors!

Each co-op participant will be placed in the rotator so as the leads come in, they are distributed evenly. Each distributor that registers with the co-op will also receive a username and password to download emails in CSV format if desired.

Step 4 - Drive Interested Prospects to YOUR Offer
We market your offer to a targeted in-house database (consisting of over 50 million fully opted-in records from our media partner's network of websites) to generate traffic to the lead capture page. We sometimes use banners targeted for those seeking a home-based business to drive traffic to your capture page. The leads are never incentivized to request your information.

Step 5 - Deliver Real-Time Prospects Interested in YOUR Opportunity
Qualified respondents read the page, get excited, fill out the form and then their information is sent to you or another co-op participant in real-time! Yes, the lead comes in withins seconds after they submit their request.

Co-op Qualifications:

  • Initial Small Deposit to Develop Custom Capture Page
  • Minimum initial purchase of 2,000 leads
  • Price per lead determined after consultation and testing
  • Co-op participants can be upline, downline, or crossline

Contact Ryan TenBrink at (972) 418-0614 immediately to schedule your group's custom lead generation campaign.

What makes these leads so great?

  • 100% Exclusive to You Forever.
  • They are surveyed with up to 5 questions of your choice (more if necessary). This is optional.
  • Includes name, email, phone, IP address, and time stamp
  • Delivered in Real Time
  • Our media partner does business with American Express, Chase Manhattan, and many other major corporations.
Here is an example of the information you can receive on each lead.

Mary Jones
123 10th Street
Los Angeles, CA



If you found the right opportunity to make additional money from home, when would you be able to start?

How much time could you invest each week into the right money making or home business opportunity?

If the right opportunity came along, how much money could you invest to get started?
ANSWER: $500 TO $1,000

Have you worked in a home-based business or been involved in network marketing in the past?

Get your Entire Team on these leads
and watch your income grow!

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Please Contact Ryan TenBrink if you are interested in a custom lead generation capture page for your team or network marketing company.


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